These are just some of the areas that hypnotherapy can help with and there are many more because contrary to popular belief hypnosis puts you back in control

Anxiety & panic attacks
Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, PTSD, exam anxiety

Weight Management
Portion control, comfort eating, food addictions, healthy eating, exercise motivation, hypnotic gastric band

Pain management
Hypnotherapy can help manage pain, including irritable bowel syndrome, sciatica, burns, joint pain, neck pain and a variety of other injuries and illnesses.
For IBS the National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidance (NICE) recommends the NHS should consider referring patients for hypnotherapy if their irritable bowel is persistent and has failed to respond to simple prescribed medicine

Stress Management
Negative influence stress whether from work, home or our personal lives can lead to adverse physical affects and affect our health & wellbeing. Through hypnotherapy you can manage stress effectively.

Confidence building
Self-esteem, confidence at work, exams, public speaking, relationships

Phobias & Fears
Flying, buttons, heights or birds
Whatever your fear is, conquer it today

Nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking & any other habit that serves no purpose

Cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars, cannabis

Goal Setting
As long as you have a clear destination in mind you are able to achieve your dreams.

Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care
Hypnotherapy & reflexology providing a holistic treatment plan to help support clients whilst trying to conceive.
Hypnobirthing – Allow your mind and body to work in harmony for the best natural birth possible for you & your baby